The Best Way to Make Memories

Finally, a real estate team who can help you find a lakefront home so your family and friends can have the perfect gathering place.

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We know that many families feel like they’re never going to be able to find their dream vacation home.

In today’s competitive market, you need a real estate team who can tap into an elevated network like Sotheby’s to reach on and off market properties. You want someone by your side who has experience with successful negotiations when you’re up against competing offers.

My name is Sandy Ginn and I’ve been living the lake life since 1973.

My family has owned a lakefront home for almost 50 years. I’ve spent my summers in and around the lakes in Northern Indiana all my life. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there’s fun, relaxation, and activities for everyone to fall in love with. Every lake in Indiana has its own character and personality and it would  be my pleasure to help you find the perfect place.

Let the Sandy Ginn Team Sell Your Indiana Lake Front Property

Who doesn’t want a special place where your children and grandchildren can race through the grass, your dogs can romp in the water, and you can enjoy quiet moments of reflection by the water’s edge?

Every family deserves a vacation home that allows for the simplest of pleasures.

What’s on your wishlist?


Boat Rides


Water Skiing

Bike Riding

4th of July Parades



Card Games

From jet skis and swimming to paddle boarding and sailing, there’s a lakefront property with your family’s name on it. We promise.

Let's Not Forget That Owning Property on a Lake Means You Can Enjoy it Even More All Year Round

Family Nights
Gathering Around the Fireplace

Cross Country Skiing
Snow Yoga
Skating on Your Lake
Christmas at the Lake

It’s simple to get started finding your lake home.

Step One: Let’s Identify Your Needs. We’ll determine your lifestyle and budget. We’ll begin by exploring your options.
Step Two: We Start the Search. Lean into our expertise as we guide you through current on and off market listings.
Step Three: Start Making Memories. Feel confident that the lake property you buy is what your family has been dreaming about.

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